Developing Choral Sound Through the Warm-up


200+ tried and true vocal exercises for solo singers and choirs

Includes more than 200 exercises for choral groups and singers of all ages focusing on building vocal technique and choral sound through the warm-up. Conductor and voice teacher Joseph Caulkins has used these tried and true exercises for 30+ years, refining them into a system focused on teaching healthy vocal production, ensemble techniques, improved listening skills, and choral artistry.

Organized into 14 sections focusing on: posture/alignment, breath management, phonation/onset, tone production, articulation/agility, messa di voce, range extending, registration, unity/vowels/blend, tuning/intonation, scales/modes/specialized chords, ensemble techniques, independence/rounds, and tongue twisters/mental teasers/music games. The spiral binding creates a lay-flat book perfect for voice lessons or rehearsals with room to add your favorite exercises in each of the 14 sections.

Spiral-bound, 101 pages

Author: Joseph Caulkins
Editor: M E Bailey
Published by: mystroStudio Press